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[Request] Double ended Train Unit Graphics

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2020 9:57 am
by Muppet9010
I have made a mod that adds double ended train units to Factorio. So a single length train wagon with a loco at both ends.

I've made some initial graphics for the cargo wagon when stopped at stations using vanilla sprites, as seen above. Some of the rotations aren't so nice with just merged sprite graphics in my testing.

If anyone is interested in making a new graphic for both the cargo wagon and fluid tank variety please shout.

Current Details
  • The graphics must be in vanilla Factorio graphics style and fit in to a vanilla map seamlessly.
  • The entity is standard wagon/loco length in game.
  • Need a cargo wagon and a fluid wagon variety.
  • The unit is 3 equal entities each 2 tiles long in the game: a loco, a wagon (cargo or fluid), a loco. So this is what the graphics need to convey in terms of loading the different parts.
  • The unit graphics is a single sprite on the central cargo entity. The central cargo unit has no wheel graphics. The end locos have no main graphics, just the pair of wheel graphics.
  • There will be a future GUI to allow colouring of the whole unit, so a colour mask is required.
  • Loading graphics so that when the train is stopped in a station is beneficial, like vanilla.
  • The fluid wagon version needs to account for vanilla pumps connecting. So guess wagon will need to be the same "height" as a fluid wagon so the false pump connection height lines up.
  • Wheel graphics need to be special as both loco's have 2 sets of wheels, but they are only 1 tile apart. So probably 1 wheel per wheel graphics and the entities spacing will appear as a 2 wheeled bogie at each end of the train.
  • As the entities are dual direction they should be symmetrical front to back, so only 128 rotations required.

Re: [Request] Double ended Train Unit Graphics

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 11:18 am
by Muppet9010
In the future if someone is still interested in this please let me know. However, for now I am going to proceed with doing the graphics via sprite manipulation as the main mod is now initial feature complete.