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Xmas Graphics

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 8:42 am
by billbo99
Last year (Seeeno/Darkfrei) gave us Darkfrei has updated the mod to be 0.17 compatible.

I am wondering if anyone can help out with graphics to increasing the scope of the mod. Here are some ideas :-

- Update the Christmas tree to have lights that change colour
- Animate the strips on the candy cane
- Replace "Big Power Poles" with a "Christmas candle"
- Replace "Locomotives" with "Reindeer"
- Replace "Cargo Wagons" with "Sled"
- Replace "Worms" with "Snowmen throwing snow balls"
- Replace "Biters" with "Polar Bears"
- Replace "Spiters" with "Penguins"