[request] Metallurgy Plates and Fluids

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[request] Metallurgy Plates and Fluids

Post by AstaZora »

I am in need of an artist for many 2D and 3D items

Right now in this stage of development we have coded the game for a Metallurgy Mod, unique of it's own. However our art skills are... limited. we can make "temporary" or "for now" graphics, or just recolor the base game, but as this mod develops, we are severely limited to our... Creativity if you will

Right now, there is a lot to do, but the list is short of the completed works
I am working on a mod, related to Industrial Revolution + Krastorio + Space Exploration + Alien Biomes (I can go into more detail on discord)

Right now we have 4 completed items

We have dozens more to create...

For each we are seeking textures for
-Ore (item)
-Ore Field
-Ore (particle)

We have a lot more than this coming each week, so a dedicated artist is preferred, but an artist we can come to at any time is more than enough.

The only asking part of this, is for MOST artwork / Textures / Graphics, be done in a timely manner, solely based on the product requested

(I do have kids, and my time is not always on the clock, so you can understand that I won't be too pressing, until the weekends)

If you are even more detailed and skilled, we have some machines coming to the surface for biter chewing.
A Casting Forge, divided into stages of construction
A casting machine, simple is best for now
and more to come

the team wants to create a style similar to Industrial revolution for a more... seamless fit, but a kind of rustic factorio feel.

I hope to hear from the many talented artists in this community and see the many wonderful things to come
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