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[Request] Train Construction Site mod needs (static) graphics (details in post).

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2019 8:00 pm
by lovely_santa

Voske_123 and me created a nice, configurable way of automaticaly creating trains instead of blueprinting/manualy placing them on the rails. This mod is called the Train Construction Site, feel free to check it out on the mod portal, where a long description of the workings of the mod is explained (also available ingame).

Currently it has placeholder graphics (angel's placeholders) and the mod is more or less in a stable release now. The testers of the mod realy only keep having 1 comment: The graphics needs work...

I'll describe each item/entity seperatly and if you feel like creating one or more graphics, feel free to post them, I'll use them for sure (beter any than none!) and I'll give you the full credit for it on the portal (as I do for all my mods I made so far).
1. Trainbuilder
This is the 6x6 building where the train is made in. For a decent graphic, each tile would utilize ~64px, so that would be a 384x384 graphic, a bit smaller or bigger is always acceptable ofcourse. If you feel like it, a horizontal and vertical version could also be nice, if you feel up for it. The entity doesn't need to be animated, but you always can do that if you like.
2. Trainbuilder controller
This is the 2x2 building in front of the trainbuilder to control everything about the builder configuration. I was thinking something like a control panel on a stand with some buttons on it? this would be a 128x128 graphic (same quality as the trainbuilder).

Any help is greatly appriciated!
Kind regards,