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Achievement Pictures Request

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 8:03 pm
by TheSAguy

I'm hoping to get some Achievement images.
I currently have the following 6 Achievements:
3 Total Kill Count of NE Biters:
- 10,000 total
- 100,000 total
- 1,000,000 total

3 Unique type kill.
- You killed at least 100 of each type (There are 10 types of NE biters)
- You killed at least 10,000 of each type
- You killed at least 100,000 of each type

I was thinking of just the Achievement ring with maybe a pile of bones growing. 3 color rings, Bronze, Silver and Gold.
For the unique type of biters, maybe add some color to it?

Here are the Biter/Spitter colors:
New Biters:
New Spitters: