[Request] Turrets, Tanks, Vehicles

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[Request] Turrets, Tanks, Vehicles

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I have made a mod Schall Tank Platoon, which is a vanilla supplementary military mod. The mod does something like introducing light tank, heavy tank, super-heavy tank (where medium tank is exactly vanilla tank removing vehicle flamethrower), and have upgrades just like power armor (growing size of equipment grids). A flame tank is also introduced, which has no tank cannon, but using tank flamethrower as the main gun. A rocket artillery is also introduced, which fires rockets with longer range than handheld rocket launcher. A new type of ammo, autocannon shell, is dedicated for light tank, which is much smaller in calibre (20 mm) but fire much more rapidly than the vanilla cannon shells (which I define it as 75 mm).
What I planned to add in the future versions of this mod: various turrets firing different types of ammo left by vanilla, a longer-range gun turret, a military cargo truck having a huge inventory space, a command vehicle (like scanning the area, auto-repair nearby friendlies).

PS: Turrets are moved into another mod Schall Ammo Turrets.

I would to ask for help from graphics/designers/hobby artists. The mod is vanilla-like so graphics would better be vanilla-style as well. Any help would be appreciated. Here is the list of graphics needed:
  • Rocket turret: 2×2, firing vanilla rockets. I found YuokiTani posted one here, which Image fits the theme quite well. Done, with YuokiTani's permission.
  • Cannon turret: 2×2, firing vanilla cannon shells. I found YuokiTani posted one here Image. Done, with YuokiTani's permission.
  • Autocannon turret: 2×2, firing small variant of cannon shells (20 mm vs 75 mm). An autocannon usually takes a gatling form, something like this. Done, YuokiTani submitted graphics.
  • Light tank turret using autocannon as main gun: Only the turret part is needed, since the chassis (base) will be using that of vanilla tank. Would be nice if highly similar (if not the same) as the above stationary autocannon turret.
  • Sniper turret: 2×2, firing vanilla gun magazines like vanilla gun turret, but with longer range and slower rate of fire. I guess it should be highly similar to vanilla gun turret, but single-long-barrel instead of short-multi-barrel.
  • Rocket artillery: a vehicle with tractor base, firing vanilla rockets. The well-known M270 MLRS is what I have in mind.
  • Flame tank: same as vanilla tank, but a large tank flamethrower with no tank cannon. The chassis (base) is the same as vanilla tank, so I just need the turret part. I found this artwork resembles what I have in mind.
  • Military cargo truck: a truck with large inventory space, can either be wheeled or tracked or half-tracked. This is a classic cargo truck, but feel free to change details on what you see fit. Instead of camouflage, however, I wish the painting will be close to the vanilla tank. Done, YuokiTani submitted graphics.
  • Command vehicle: goes after fellow tanks, provides support (like scanning the area, auto repair nearby friendlies, which I am thinking of). This greatly resembles what I wanted. Of course, in fitting with vanilla style, I don't need the red stars there, neither are the two mini-turrets at front corners. Maybe just a single machine gun at front center, though optional.
If you want to specify whether submitted graphics are allowed to be used for everyone, or restricted to my mods only, please state here also. If not stated, your graphics will be protected under Bob's mods Copyright license, where all my mods are using. That means your graphics cannot be used without permission, I guess.
I have credits (if any) listed on each mod page, and will show whatever your wish is there.

Thanks in advance,

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