[Request] Cursed wall

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[Request] Cursed wall

Post by L0771 » Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:07 pm


I'm looking for graphics for only 1 entity for now, Cursed wall (the trust, are "pipes"...), i need 11 graphics

- Base: (3x3)
I'm thinking in a biometal tank (something similar to silver) inside a biometal dome, with 4 exits with arms, should be something between biometal and flesh (like muscles)

- Basic arm: (1x1)
This one shouldn't be soo high.
Don't guide with actual walls, i'm looking something like flesh + bio metal from Parasite (anime):

- Gates: (1x1) (ONLY opened)
The wall are pipes, gates are more pipes too, i need all gates (not only horizontal and vertical), included T type and X... Single pipes don't matter, shouldn't exist in this wall.
I can't add the open and close animation, the wall closed is a Basic arm.
The gate can be a little bio metal color on the floor

- Underground arm: (1x1)
Same request than Gates, but with a way to difference it.

- Armored arm: (1x1)
Same as Basic arm, but adding a biometal grille, like this:
But with a basic design, like this:

- Thorn arm: (1x1)
Same as Basic arm, but with biometal thorns, like this:

- Blocker arm: (1x1)
Maybe a high grid, straight up with Armored design.

And, the convination of this 3 walls...
- Thorn Armored arm
- Armored Blocker arm
- Thorn Blocker arm
- Thorn Armored Blocker arm

NOTE: Please don't red flesh or meat bag, the mod is a "futuristic" view about how the player learns how to use blood.

The mod is here, i'll upload a version with Armored, Thorns, Blocker and Underground

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