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[REQUEST]Graphics for new mod!

Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2022 4:16 am
by achiaus
Hello to whoever is reading this, I want to make a horror themed mod that adds a couple types of enemies to the game. 1) wasp the looks like the attachment shown. 2) a creepy queen mosquito that can shoot blood and is a mosquito spawner, that can spawn all 1-4 sizes of mosquitos that are visibly different, fly and attack you like the biters 3) 3 sizes of moth, ideally one with feathery antenna and scary sharp teeth in it mouth with big black bugs eyes. 4) a giant dune worm, from dune but probably smaller than that but large enough to be a big problem. I’m also hoping to either have texture pack that make everything tinted red (for day) and everything super dark (for night) and for an additional mode everything dark all the time with red water, colored like blood totally optional, but also a new scary fish icon could be cool, I was thinking instead it’s like a lamprey or bobbit worm with fins to swim. it would be super cool if this could happen, thanks!
6D9076A6-2BE1-4132-88F6-3EBC117D882B.jpeg (193.75 KiB) Viewed 437 times