[Request] Chest, Warehouse and Trash dump sprites

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[Request] Chest, Warehouse and Trash dump sprites

Postby Atria » Wed Oct 18, 2017 3:21 pm

I'm making new version for my Merging Chests mod. I'm going to let players merge arbiteraly large rectangle of steel chests into one entity. I already worked out how to do it, I just need sprites that can be tiled to create these entities. I'm looking for factorio like graphics.

I will need 3 sprites and 3 ingame icons for these sprites:

    - Chest
      - will be used when merging 1xN or Nx1 rectangle (this is what my mod is doing up to limit of 42 length)
      - I will need sprites for horizontal and vertical chest
      - These sprites will have 3 parts (see example): chest ends (red), chest middle (green), shadow (gray)
      - Green part will be copied next to each other to get desired chest length
      - Sprite sizes of 2x1 and 1x2 of gametiles should be enough
    - Warehouse
      - used for from 2xN to 6xN and from Nx2 to Nx6 (limits subject to change)
      - This sprite will need to be 9 segments so I can tile sides and middle to create arbiteraly large sprite
      - see example: corners (red), sides (blue), roof (green)
      - Green and blue parts will be copied to create desired size
      - Sprite size of 3x3 of gametiles
      - I'm thinking something between Factorissimo and Warehouse buildings except with flat roof for easy tiling
    - Trash dump
      - used for every other size. "Walled" off (or fenced off).
      - Also 9 segment sprite.
      - Some non functional gate will be nice as well as some "trash" sprites I will randomly populate the middle with.
      - Sprite size of 5x5 (I had problems with tiling when smaller) of gametiles

It would be awesome if every sprite would have it's shadow in seperate file but it's not needed (even better if every sprite segment and its shadow is in seperate file...like stone wall). It really helps sell the combined sprite. Difference is shown on these pictures: both pictures have a 5x5 "trash dump" (it's one entity) next to line of wall: shadows in one sprite (shadow is drawn above other entities) and shadows in seperate sprite (shadow is drawn beneath other entities).

Thank you in advance.

For trash dump I'm thinking of linked fence like in Dectorio. So maybe that isn't needed (if they allow me to use it). Also chest sprite is pretty easy and eve I'm able to do it so it goes down only to warehouse.
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