Mipmapping engine [After Effects]

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Mipmapping engine [After Effects]

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Mipmapping engine [After Effects]

To avoid tedious work in updating a large number of icons I used a composition with recursive use of the same *.png file.
This solution is no doubt a more pedestrian solution than the python script mentioned in fff#348, but it works nicely and is an available option for all with access to AE.

The composition makes use of the same layout as vanilla mipmapped icons with versions going from larger (left) to smaller (right).

I used a 128x128 version for the largest and
"Feedstock" is thus a 128x128 icon.


Is defined in After Effects CS4

Feeding a new icon is done by "replace footage" (click on *.png-file and Ctrl-h) for option to select replacement file.

Output is effected by selecting the main composition and then File/Export/Image sequence
This will export the "video" as a set of images. As this composition is 1 sec and has a framerate of 1/sec. it will export 1 image.

Accept *.png as format and choose name for icon (i.e. "advanced-chemical-plant.png").
Repeat for all files.

You can easily make a 64x64 version by removing the 128x128 composition and shaving 128px off of the main composition.

lathe-dl-128b 01.png
lathe-dl-128b 01.png (34.57 KiB) Viewed 79 times

In recipes or item definitions you then declare:
icon_size = 128, icon_mipmaps = 5,
icon_size = 64, icon_mipmaps =4,
if you chopped off the 128.

Zipped mipmaps.aep (After Effects Project for CS4):
(13.77 KiB) Downloaded 3 times

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