Code Completion for jetbrains IDEs

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Code Completion for jetbrains IDEs

Post by asdff45 » Tue Nov 19, 2019 2:14 pm

I've written a plugin for Intellij, that downloads and parses the Factorio Lua API and adds autocompletion for it.
The factorio Version can be selected in the Settings under `Settings > Languages & Frameworks > Factorio Autocompletion`.
As plugin-dependency, emmyLua is required for the basic LUA integration.

Autocompletion will be added to every LUA file, when activated.

Source-Code: ... completion
Plugin-Page: ... pi-support

Planned features:
- Autocompletion for prototypes (data stage)
- Autocompletion for info.json (already pushed to git)
- Creation of Projects/Files
- Autocompletion for require command (load default LUA libraries, e.g. `mod-gui`)


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