Tile spritesheet generator (GIMP script)

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Tile spritesheet generator (GIMP script)

Post by piotrekli » Sun Jan 14, 2018 1:34 pm


I needed to make tile textures for a mod, so I have written this simple GIMP Python script to automate it.
You can download it here:
https://gist.github.com/piotrekli/cf2a8 ... 52d716232d

  • Create a "stencil" image consisting of 5 layers with the shapes of your borders.
    The layers are required to be named like this:
  • Write a script to generate your border images (here you can find scripting tutorials for Python, Scheme and Perl)
    Your script should take 2 parameters: a drawable, which will be passed to all sprites and can be used for sampling a texture, and an integer that will be different for different sprites and can be used as e.g. a random seed.
    The layer which the script works on will be the stencil image you had created, and the result (on the same layer) will be used as the mask (for clipping the material_background texture).
    Your script should create a new layer with the border texture on the top of the image (the name of this layer is not important). Do not leave any extra layers as it can cause memory leaks during the spritesheet generation.
  • Run Filters/Sprites/Factorio tile textures...
    Procedure name is the PDB name of your script (e.g. python-fu-whatever).
    Background drawable is the drawable passed to your script.
    Generate masks will cause the script to generate mask images. (foo-side-mask, foo-inner-corner-mask etc.)
    Default values of the counts are the ones used by vanilla concrete (as of 0.16). Keep in mind that Factorio supports textures up to 2048 pixels wide (4096 for HR textures).

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