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Science packs production spreadsheet.

Posted: Fri Aug 07, 2020 6:44 pm
by SyntaxTerror

I made a spreadsheet showing all the production units needed to produce evenly all kinds of science packs (except the white/space one).

  • It has been made using Kirk McDonald's Factorio Calculator.
  • It is set up for the end of the game: assembling machines lv.3, electric furnaces, electric mining drills with mining productivity 4 (+40%), all equipped with lv.3 productivity modules where available (anyway, I guess that only a few people want to reconstruct all their production chain to fit their current productivity levels, so the ratios may not be accurate for the begining of the game, but they get better as game advances).
  • It is supposed to produce an even number of each science pack, using the wiki's ratio (I doubled the number of assembling machines to reach 84 packs per minute).
  • It is what is needed to produce only the science packs, the electric consumption of the labs, roboports, defense, etc. are not counted.
I hope that it can help some new players to have an idea of what is needed for technological research (I wish I had such a spreadsheet when I started playing).

Please report the eventual mistakes you notice.

Good luck.