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Petrochemical Flowchart for Bob's + Angel's

Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2017 5:54 pm
by stormdog
I don't know if such a thing exists out there already. A quick search didn't turn one up, but I may have missed it.

In case it helps, here's a flowchart of most of the petrochemical processing chain in Bob's + Angel's. I was a little tired of having to constantly look things up in What Is It Really Used For.

Branches that extend to things like nitroglycerin or rocket fuel, and branches specifically for refining certain metals (think hexachloroplatinic acid for platinum, or titanium tetrachloride for titanium), are greatly condensed or not included. I think all the basics are there though.

There are probably a few errors and things. Please point them out and I'll try to fix 'em.

I hope it's useful to a few people!

Ok, those formats didn't work very well. I put it on Flickr instead.


Re: Petrochemical Flowchart for Bob's + Angel's

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:04 pm
by CJ5Boss
I recently started a test run for BobAngels and am experimenting with things to be ready for multiplayer with a friend in the future. This helps so much, thank you! Bookmarked :)