Factorio decks for Anki (spaced repetition)

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Factorio decks for Anki (spaced repetition)

Post by Imagic » Sat Jun 22, 2019 9:37 am

Anki is a free app (cross-platform, AnkiDroid etc) to learn stuff based on techniques like spaced repetition.

I made scripts to automate the process of creating decks, the project: https://github.com/ImagicTheCat/Factori ... generators
You can find all built decks here (per locale/game version): https://github.com/ImagicTheCat/Factori ... s/releases

First deck I made to learn item dependencies: Factorio_Item_Dependencies_v0.16.51_en.apkg

No idea how useful it can be yet, will see in the long term.

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