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[HU] many strings need review

Posted: Fri Sep 25, 2020 11:01 am
by gyorokpeter
I just finished going through all the strings in the Hungarian translation. I found that many strings have more than one upvote despite being grammatically incorrect, these should be fixed. The common errors are incorrect comma usage and using "noun trains" which exist in English but not in Hungarian. For example "Labor kutatási sebesség" is incorrect, in fact it is ambiguous as it could either mean "speed" of "lab research" (laborkutatási sebesség) or "research speed" of "lab" (labor-kutatásisebesség). The grammatically correct one is the latter, but as I think long compound nouns are ugly especially for this case I would prefer "Labor kutatási sebessége" ("research speed of lab").
There are also some inconsistencies, such as "robot" vs "drón" or '"manipulátor" vs "robotkar".
For the translation of "stack" (as in multiple items in the same slot), I have seen "halom", "kupac" and "rakás" all being used, but the name "stack inserter" is translated as "halmaz manipulátor" (which is also an example of the "noun train" problem). "Halmaz" means "set" in mathematics and I think is the worst choice of translation of "stack" compared to other choices. I would prefer to use "halom" everywhere.
I have flagged all of these as issues whenever I couldn't make my translation the top one due to being too many upvotes. Can someone review these?