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To some disunity in Czech translation

Posted: Sat Jan 08, 2022 9:06 pm
by AristomachosCZ
There are some words or ways of expression in Czech localisation that can be written in two ways, and there should be a unity in a game translation.

Which ones exactly ?
Wagon: vagón vs. vagon – Nákladní vagón (cargo wagon) has approved translation like this, but all the others have the second version.
Death world and Death world maraton: Mrtvý svět vs. Maraton světa smrti – there should be only two versions: Svět smrti, Maraton světa smrti, or Mrtvý svět, Maraton mrtvého světa.
Mods: módy vs. mody – the first form is more common and it's the way this word is pronounced. However, both are commonly mixed in the game.
Alt-mode: Alt-režim vs. Alt-mód – it is possible to find both versions.

The form of adressing players: there are two ways in Czech how a person (a player) can be addressed, a formal and an informal (called tykání and vykání). And there is a disunity in that in the Czech translation (the informal seems to be more common). Examples: můžeš, restartujte, opakujte, nastav, zkus, ...

Maybe there are some other words like these, but I haven't found them yet.

A solution ?
I tried to check most of these words on Crowdin and suggest a normalised version. But this couldn't be done for example for the uniting of the form of addressing without knowing the official attitude of the developers.