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Esperanto Translation.

Post by Svv » Mon May 14, 2018 8:15 pm

Hello all, my previous post got lost so this will be alot smaller one, ive been starting today to help translate things to Esperanto but there is one thing that bother me and most of the ppl are almost correct.

one of the most common mistakes i see are when telling something is big or small, i see being asked big rock and ppl say granda roko and thats true but when they read huge rock they sya granda roko or other nonsence so i will here tell you how to either make something smaller or bigger with et or eg.

verry tiny = malgrandego
tiny = malgrandeto
small = malgranda
big = granda
bigger?/large? = grandeto
huge = grandego

Hope this helps ;)
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Re: Esperanto Translation.

Post by vanatteveldt » Mon May 14, 2018 9:22 pm


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Re: Esperanto Translation.

Post by Svv » Tue May 15, 2018 2:39 pm

Yesterday i spend an hour writing a bunch of text with my basic english and it might be for the better it has been lost.
I would like to bring it to the attention of the devs that currently there are a handfull of bad translations in the game.
I'm going to talk about just a handfull of items that have "horrible" translations and you will see what i mean in just a bit.
Also i should tell a bit about my self and why i feel like i have the "right" to talk about this, I have been casually learning
Esperanto for about a year now and i'm not close to being a master in it, i do know enaugh to see some translations gone wild.

I will write the English name in the left afther the / the current Esperanto translation and then i will talk a bit about eatch one
and why they are wrong.

Gun magazine/pafilo revuo, pafilo is a gun, perhaps a rifle ? one can argue for hours but what caught my attention is revuo.
Revuo means magazine but in a whole diffrent context, its a newspaper magazine. ŝargujo is a magazine for guns.

light armor/lumo armajo, lumo is light from a lamp for example, armajo i'm not so sure about either, i'd say that malpeza kiraso would be correct.
Becouse if you put Light in a translater it will say lumo, the word light does not exist in Esperanto like you think, its the word for heavy
but with mal infront of it, peza is something heavy so malpeza is something light, please ppl stop using google translate if you do not
have any knowledge of the language....

Offshore pump/enmara bombo, enmara i have never heard about and neither does my dictionary, Bombo is a explosive bomb.
The word offshore in Esperanto is unknown to me and my dictionary so it might be explained diffrent like a sea pump or a big water pump
perhaps, the world for pump is pumpo but the u is pronounced as oe, so its u speak it out loud it will be poempo. perhaps granda mara pumpo.

Boiler/kaldrono, well if u are going to boil water in a water kettle to make steam for generating your power then that is indeed the word you
are looking for otherwise a boiler is known as akvovarmigilo. lets break it down akvo is water and varma is warm, ilo is used to make a tool
out of something, like haki is chopping wood hakilo is an axe, so akvovarmigilo is the boiler you are looking for.

last and not least for now is:
Ligna kesto, CORRECT
fero brusto?
ŝtalo brusto?

let me explain once again, ligno is wood but becouse the chest is out of wood it wil become ligna kesto, fero and ŝtalo are indeed
iron and steel BUT it should be fera and ŝtala, also brusto is a chest, google said that did they ? they axually meant a body chest,
like a human chest if u understand me, correct words would be fera kesto and ŝtala kesto.

I'm not attacking anyone but someone did a google job in here.

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Re: Esperanto Translation.

Post by Dev-iL » Wed Jul 04, 2018 8:37 am

@Svv If you want to improve the Esperanto localization/translation, you can (and should!) do so via Crowdin. At the moment the game is only 48% human-translated, and I suppose the rest is auto-translated (what you call "google job" :) ) and therefore sounds bad.
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