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[TOGoS] [0.17.66] Text-box graphical glitch

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 7:44 pm
by kubel34
A text-box with a style who set "horizontally_stretchable" to "on", will have a grey box appear on the right, if there is at least more than one line of text.
The vertical scroll bar will not appear.

Steps to reproduce:
- Have a text-box style with a "horizontally_stretchable" set to "on":

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data.raw["gui-style"].default["text_box_test"] = {
	type = "textbox_style",
	parent = "textbox",
	horizontally_stretchable = "on"
- In game, run this command :

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/c{type = "text-box", style = "text_box_test", text = "\n"}
The result should look like this:
text_box_bug.png (674 Bytes) Viewed 1202 times
This behaviour is even more weird with a big text-box (minimal_width = 600, minimal_height = 600), as the grey box appears over the text-box, and disappear when you try to type text.

I don't know if a text-box is supposed to be working with the "horizontally_stretchable" style, but this appeared a bit too weird to me.

Re: [TOGoS] [0.17.66] Text-box graphical glitch

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 6:33 pm
by TOGoS
I think what we're seeing is a tiny scrollbar. This should be fixed in 0.17.70. Thanks for the report!