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[0.17.62] Demo - can't load the game, but can't edit config

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 12:18 pm
by CXZman

I've downloaded the Demo experimental build to provide feedbacks. I've tried both the package and installer versions, but both failed to finish loading at around 95%, when loading sprites (see Log attached).

I followed the "Solving common graphic issues" topic, but the problem is, (almost) all those solutions to common graphic issues imply editing the config file... which at this point hasn't been created yet on the local machine.

Using the "true" value in the config-path.cfg file didn't help as well (I already have a perfectly working Vanilla version of Factorio on the same machine, using "true" for the config path option didn't help at all).

I managed to finally boot the demo by creating a shortcut targeting the Factorio demo executable, adding the option "--video-memory-usage=low", and now I have access to the config.ini file in the local application folder, so it should be ok from now on (meaning, if I encounter more problems, I know finally have access to a working and existing config.ini).

:arrow: If the config.ini isn't created before loading the game, there cannot be any solutions to loading problems within the config.ini. I managed to boot the game anyway, but only because I do know that it's possible, on Windows, to add inline launch options to a shortcut file's target string... and that's hardly common knowledge nowadays.

I can only suggest either putting a default config.ini file in the packaged builds that you publish, so that people can more easily troubleshoot their problems themselves, or at the very least edit the "Solving common graphic issues" topic to account for this use case. Also, making sure that fresh install/repository of the game always boots with the minimal video memory usage setting would fix a lot of issues.


Re: [0.17.62] Demo - can't load the game, but can't edit config

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 4:50 pm
by posila
The game getting stuck at 95% was actually bug, so thanks for reporting it. It is fixed for 0.17.63.

Also thank you your feedback on commong graphics issues topic. I'm planning to update it for 0.17 just before we make 0.17 stable. I am going to consider saving default config.ini if it doesn't exist when the game tries to load it.