[0.16.17] Unexpected Crash

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[0.16.17] Unexpected Crash

Post by doc776@gmail.com »

Never had one before. Maybe mod related maybe not. I know the creative mod keeps glitching out some times with its disappearing acts, but not crashing. Using the bob+angels and few helper/cosmetic mods.

Few seconds before the crash:
- using the red blueprint cleared chunk of forest, was instant with creative mod
- knowing biters will attack on tree death, and i see them coming on mini map, i went running in their direction
- got to the herd and nearly ran past them with 3 exoskeletons boosting run speed and 10 personal lasers killing half of them
- crash

The mods folder is 500mb in size, need to upload? Nothing major on the map, very early game testing throughput with creative mod's assistance.
(9.58 MiB) Downloaded 18 times
(172.6 KiB) Downloaded 19 times

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Re: [0.16.17] Unexpected Crash

Post by posila »

Thanks for the report.
This has been fixed in the latest patch (0.16.18 released earlier today)

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