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[0.12.5][Twins] Lab energy_usage speed calculation hardcoded

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 6:24 am
by UberWaffe
What I did:
Changed the energy_usage of the lab to something other than 60kW. (Tested by editing base game's entities.lua)

What I expected to see:
That the lab's power usage is changed, while its crafting speed remains unchanged.
When at the new full power specified by energy_usage, the lab's crafting/research speed should be 100%.

What I saw instead:
The lab's crafting/research speed is a factor of its energy usage, as if the energy_usage calculation is using a hardcoded 60kW as the 'normal maximum energy usage'.
I.e. the lab at full power doesn't run at 100%, instead it runs at 100% * (energy_usage / 60kW).

I found nothing on the wiki that would indicate that this is specifically coded this way for a reason.
I have not seen any reference to this in either the 0.12.4 or 0.12.5 changelogs, so I am assuming this is also still the same in 0.12.5

(Originally reported on a mod thread by cpy, here: ... 30#p103262)

Behavior is the same in 0.12.5 update of Factorio.

Re: [0.12.5][Twins] Lab energy_usage speed calculation hardcoded

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 12:30 pm
by Twinsen
Good find. It was kind of like this by design, but a problem anyway.
Fixed for 0.12.6.
Lab's researching speed is now independent of it's power consumption and can be changed using "researching_speed".