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[Boskid] [1.1.48] Train stopped on gate cannot be cloned

Posted: Wed Dec 08, 2021 3:21 pm
by SuicideJunkie
(Reproduced unmodded, build 59155, linux64)
1) Lay track
2) Add a gate on the track
3) Move train onto gate
4) Clone region.
5) Train evaporates on paste.

Ideally, the cloning process should copy the current state of the gate (i.e. lowered) so that the train can be placed as well.

This is an issue for Space Exploration when launching a ship with a train on it and needing to clone ship contents (in this case the train and tracks) to the outer space / travel surface.
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Re: [Boskid] [1.1.48] Train stopped on gate cannot be cloned

Posted: Sat Dec 11, 2021 10:57 am
by boskid
Thanks for the report. Issue is now fixed for 1.1.50.

Gate cloning was not copying the opened state causing rolling stock to collide with closed gate.